Getting Ready for the Festive Season

Good Morning, Day or Night for whatever time of the day you’ve happened upon the Prickly Rose Studio :). With the festive season upon us I want to provide an update as to where I am with my production of paintings and prints. 

Images have been sent off for a combination of test prints of recent paintings and another run of prints from some of the older works. I will be fitting the images to within a 11”x14” or 8”x10” size for the prints and I’ve selected images for artcards, I am looking forward to seeing It all! 

As for the paintings I’m part way through a group of fourteen canvases, I plan to have these ready for early December, I will continue to produce work and prints throughout the month. The website and the collection at the Purple Bicycle Store in Mackenzie BC will be updated frequently during the month of December.

A couple of these paintings have found themselves claimed so I’ll be keeping the remainder under wraps until I am ready to release a group of them. If I manage to take some time away from painting I will be doing another print run of the mountain contour linocuts on cards. The plan it to make five copies each of the six linocuts, maybe more if it goes well :)

To wrap this post up, remember there are three paintings up for grabs through the Mackenzie Outdoor Trail and Route Association (MORATA) ticket raffle. Tickets will be on sale until December 11th and the draw is December 12th. Tickets are currently available for sale at the Purple Bicycle in Mackenzie and Ruckus in Prince George, BC. There are some folks in town with tickets to sale plus Aaron, my husband, and myself.

Have yourself a fantastic day!

Micheline Snively