News - July 2, 2021

The summer has been a funny one so far, a mix of sun and rain keeping it cool then the heat dome. The very hot temperatures have now subsided to hot temperatures, now all that is needed is rain.

A few paintings were added to the Painting Collection, these will be here for awhile, some will move over to the Purple Bicycle in the coming weeks as other paintings are finalized and will create a nice display at the store.

The digital files for the 4”x6” cards are now complete just a matter of printing, processing and getting product to the store, stay tuned.

And! I bought a sweet matboard cutter and it cuts more than matboard so that’s a plus. Now I can nicely present the paper based paintings and I can avoid order forms and shipping costs.

Landscape Paintings

Prickly Rose Studio captures the beauty and uniqueness of the northern Rocky Mountain Trench landscape in oil paints.

Over twenty years of living and working in Mackenzie BC has provided artist/owner Micheline Snively with a strong connection to area. The painted scenes resonate with current and past residents alike, providing beautiful mementoes of their time  spent in Mackenzie.

Plunked Down in the Middle of Nowhere

Mackenzie BC is located twenty-nine km’s off Highway 97 North nestled in the Rocky Mountain Trench. The area offers a chilled landscape of rolling hills and low sloping mountains of the Misinchinka Ranges.

This landscape has inspired the paintings created by Prickly Rose Studio.